Mobile business Service

IGAWorks offers comprehensive advertisements for mobile marketing.

Experience all types of mobile inventories that currently exist.
All mobile advertising inventories are served in the most advanced process.
Prudent reach to the even one last target audience considering marketing purpose
Official Facebook Marketing Partner, Ad Technology specialty
FMP solution, winner of Hackathon,
and Facebook specialist offers the best facebook campaign results
Facebook, the robust mobile media with 17 million users in Korea
Combination of IGAWorks’ facebook marketing specialists experienced
with over 1,000 campaigns in 30 countries and its FMP solution
make you to achieve your KPI.
Officially badged Facebook Marketing Partner
Ad Technology specialty is to develop Facebook ad solution
by integrating with Facebook API to scale and optimize Facebook Ads.
IGAWorks has been granted official status as a
Facebook Marketing Partner as of 2016.08
Securely acquire new and re-engaged users based
on the algorithm for automated audience segmentation.
Machine focusing on traffics with the higher conversion rate maximize quailed installs
After 7~14 days optimization period, Cost Per Install stays
in stable level even if you increase marketing budget
Universal App Campaign
UAC: Universal App Campaign)
One stop campaign operation for diverse network's inventories
Adwords machine learning controls bidding price, budget allocation,
targeting audience and offers prompt conversion optimization (Only available in android)

The Largest incentivized mobile inventories in Korea

Comprehensive app marketing program with global
non-incentivized CPI networks and media

Integrated Operation
Offers comprehensive control and management for
non-incentivized media traffic buying
Take complexity away to deal and communicate with
individual media for campaign setting and operation
Fixed cost
Fixed cost for acquisition even for RTB inventories so that
you can be always safe from the cost Preventing duplicated
installs from different media offers cost
effective high qualified user acquisition

The largest Display AD inventory in Korea

Audience coverage (40 million), Reach (Daily average 12 times)
Personalized targeting
IGAWorks DSP offers 40 million different personalized targeting in Korea
Deliver custom messages to anyone you specifically want to reach in Korea
ROAS Campaign
IGAWorks DSP offers the best technology to achieve your target ROAS through Audience
Targeting, Dynamic Creative Optimization and Dynamic Triggering.
Experience the technology with surprising outcomes

Pre-registration targeting only to mobile paying gamers

Mobile game account book app 'I am a gamer' Free for targeting
Heavy paying gamer targeted marketing and events
Paying gamer targeted campaigns, only available in IGAWorks

Performance optimization for ad campaigns
through cutting-edge ad technology and vast experience in mobile advertising.